Luxury MasterMind Retreats
The best of the best.
Escape and reboot – and hang out with industry leaders in fashion, beauty, art, home décor, travel, culinary arts, and entertaining. Susan brings them in for multi-day MasterMind Retreats at a luxurious resort, where they share the latest trends along with helpful tips and tricks for CEOs and Entrepreneurs.

This is your opportunity to pamper yourself and learn from other like-minded executives.
"The key to a successful retreat lies in not just the people you're surrounded with but also the atmosphere and vibe of a collective group living in the moment, free from distractions, and learning from one another. That’s the ultimate goal of my Masterminds."
Susan Salter



"I'm very busy. I was able to see how other women CEOs stayed organized, and then make a few changes myself so it's easier for me to stay on top of things -- both at the office and at home. It's good to know I can be comfortable, and still be chic."


"Susan's MasterMinds are excellent. It's a different kind of fun when women of this caliber get together – I mean where else would I get to rub elbows with such rock stars? Made some good friends, and had a blast learning from the best. Highly recommend."


"I have a high-end client and I needed to find the perfect gift for them. Susan not only had great ideas, but she had the connections to make it happen. She's a life saver."


"Susan has taken the time to get to know me, so when I need to give a special gift, she knows how to choose something that I'd pick out myself. The responses are always so heartfelt – she really makes me look good."


"I'd forgotten all about planning a very special dinner, and had to scramble at the last minute to make reservations. Susan had my back and even threw in some unique ideas for some gifts for my guests."


"I found myself almost overwhelmed by my business, and I knew I wasn't portraying the power and confidence of a strong CEO. In fact, people were often surprised when they found out I was the CEO. Susan helped me to make a few changes so that now my image reflects my position and my company. I'm now organized, and I look and feel more confident."


"I have to admit that while I'm extremely confident about my business, I wasn't as confident about my appearance. After only a few meetings with Susan, I feel like I can take my company to the next level. She's now my personal shopper – don't know what I'd do without her."


"Susan helped me to look the part of a CEO, and now I have the confidence I didn't even know I was lacking. I'm seeing the results in my bottom line and my company is growing. Susan is totally worth it."


"Susan observed me going throughout my business day, and watched as I conducted meetings. She made notes and had all sorts of suggestions on everything from my briefcase to my shoes. Oh what a difference she's made in my life. I'm already seeing results in the way people respond to me."

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